Peter Velikov & Kalina Kraleva

Peter Velikov

Peter Velikov was born on March 17th 1975 in Tsar Kaloyan, Bulgaria.
1994 ”Graphics” – Art School,Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
2002 Master ”Print Art”,National Academy of Fine Arts,Sofia (Bulgaria)

Participation in numerous international competitions in different countries, such as:
Poland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, France, Turkey, Yugolslavia, Japan, Romania,
China,Czech Republic,Lithuania and Bulgaria.

2018 Award from the 6’th Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial, Tama Art University, Tokyo (Japan)
2013 The Prize for Ex Libris – Mini Print of Santa Croce Sull’Arno (Italy)
2011 2’nd Prize for Erotic Ex Libris, Beijing (China)
2010 Honourable Mention for Ex Libris, Istanbul (Turkey)
2010 Honourable Mention for Erotic Ex Libris, Beijing (China)
2009 Honourable Mention,Art and the Mountain, Milano (Italy)
2006 Honourable Mention for small Graphics,Istanbul (Turkey)
2006 2’nd Prize for Ex Libris,Torino(Italy)
2005 1’st Prize for Small Graphics and Ex Libris, Ostrow Wielkopolski (Poland)
2005 Honourable Mention for Ex Libris,Gliwice (Poland)
2003 Grand Prix for Ex Libris,Sofia (Bulgaria)
2003 Prize for Small Graphic,Pescara (Italy)
2002 Special Prize for Graphics, Olot (Spain)
2002 2’nd Prize for Ex Libris, Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
2000 Honourable Mention for Ex Libris, Raciborz (Poland)

Kalina Kraleva

My name is Kalina Kraleva-a graphic artist in particular. I was born in Sofia in the year of 1983 on 19th of March. My education was and still is a long weaving road passing through different fields of activity. Finally it stopped in National Academy of Arts in Sofia. In 2012 I take my Master Degree of Printing techniques and Graphic art. From that moment on I’m exploring the depths of printmaking every day hoping to develop all my life. The rest of my presentation are the images themselves. So I will let them speaking instead of me.
2011 – Top 10 selected artists in Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (CPC) Competition, Chicago, USA;
2014 – Second prize for Ex libris Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago – “Music And Poetry From The Heart”;
2016 – First prize for Ex libris Biblioteca Bodio Lomnago – “Happy Birthday Italy”;
2019 – Third prize Ex Libris Biblioteca Bodio Lomnago – “Marco Polo And The Silk Road”;